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Your customized culinary classroom 

When you host an Edible Explorations cooking party, together we create a menu especially designed for your own cultural culinary classroom. Edible Explorations provides a checklist with all the kitchen equipment needed for your menu; whatever you don't have, I'll bring along. 

Edible Explorations will shop for and prep some of the food so that the focus of the class can be on making the menu at hand, and also allow time for sufficient discussion about the history and culture of the food. Depending on your kitchen, parties can be up to 10 people, and last between 3 and 4 hours. After an introduction and overview of the recipes with a bit of cultural history about the ingredients, we are hands-on in the kitchen cooking up an authentic feast. We then sit down and enjoy our delicious meal together, and any further questions or general cultural discussions are encouraged.

"Rebecca's workshops are an experiential culinary adventure. Get swept away by the culture and flavors of Mexican cooking... Oaxaca never tasted so good!"
-Rebecca Saulsbury, Berkeley, CA

"Margaret Mead meets Yan Can Cook. I hosted once, and was invited to another event (where I tasted her tamales... to die for), and it's just a lot of fun. A really cool twist on the dinner party."
-Mollie Mindel, Berkeley, CA

Cooking Parties

Ingredients for Mole Coloradito


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