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about me


As an anthropologist and accomplished cook, I am always excited to share my passion for culinary and cultural exploration. My culinary journey began in my teens when I became a vegetarian. I've since re-incorporated sustainable meats into my diet, but my mother's refusal to cook a second meal initially forced me into the kitchen, and I haven't left yet!


My 12 years in the food service industry have seen me catering, teaching cooking classes, co-owning a fast-paced high-volume cafe, and working as a personal chef. I am proud to have taken the first place win in the 2009 Mission Cultural Center "Mole to Die For" Contest for my mouthwatering Mole Coloradito.


I thoroughly enjoy creatively and mindfully preparing customized menus for my personal chef clients. I am passionate about and committed to using local, seasonal, sustainable, and organic ingredients, and get great joy from shopping at our many farmers' markets. The flavor profiles I turn to most often are Mexican, Spanish, Mediterranean, Indian, Chinese, and Southeast Asian, as well as good 'ole American comfort food. I have deep experience with vegetarian and vegan cuisine, am passionate about cooking sustainable animal proteins, and specialize in gluten- and grain-free diets.


I am an avid bike rider, and rely on my two wheels to shop and commute. When I'm not in the kitchen, you can find me on my yoga mat, or leading walking food tours with Edible Excursions.


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